Your safety is our priority

The Unicorn has a state of the art fire alarm running throughout the building linked to Phoenix fire. In the unlikely event of a fire we ask that guests leave the building and meet across the street at the bus station. A member of staff will check the building and let you know when it is safe to return.


Notices are posted on your room door with any futher instructions, please take a moment to read these after checking in.


The fire alarm is tested weekly usually on a Monday morning at 11am


Fire extinguishers are located throughout the building along with a safety blanket in the kitchen and are tested annually


Fire exits can be found on the first and second floor, please view the plans for the location


Room doors are fitted with intumescent strip, this will expand if exposed to heat ensuring a seal is formed stopping smoke from entering a room


We have two first aid kits one behind reception and one in the kitchen, please ask if there is anything that you may need


How we ask you to help us

  • Strictly no smoking

  • No candles or other open flames in any area

  • Keep your room door closed and please do not prop open any fire doors

  • Do not leave electrical items such as chargers plugged in